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We elected our current board each May. They spend the summer coming up to speed and are installed in September: See our Current Society Leaders.

The DGS is always looking for motivated, talented and enthusiastic people to serve on our board (and in other) positions. Contact any current board member if you think you might be interested in becoming a member of a future board.

Board Basics
  • Meets monthly September – May
  • Meets as needed June – August (meetings include outgoing and incoming Board members)
  • Elected Board Positions include:
    • President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Appointed Directors, with voting rights, include:
    • Education, Membership, Publicity/Public Relations, Printing & Distribution, Publication Content, and Volunteer Coordination
  • Appointed Advisors, without voting rights, include:
    • Sales Manager, Parliamentarian, Library Liaison, IT Administrator, Web Master, Editor of Pegasus, Editor of the DGS Newsletter, and Mail Administrator
  • Immediate Past President sits on the Board

The Treasurer pays Society’s bills and reconciles accounts monthly. The Treasurer also:

  • Makes brief reports to the general meeting regarding the state of the organization’s finances (account balances, income and expenses)
  • Chairs the Budget Committee
  • Has (or is willing to acquire) a working knowledge of:
    • A recent version of Quickbooks and Windows
    • Excel (or another spreadsheet application) and Gmail

The Secretary prepares the minutes of each Board Meeting and General Meeting and provides to board members for review. The Secretary also:

  • Finalizes documents in both MS Word (or another word processing application) and PDF formats
  • Is responsible for processing general email and voice messages received by society
  • Has (or is willing to acquire) a working knowledge of MS Word, Google Docs (or another word processing application) and Gmail
Vice President

The Vice President plans and manages the major fund-raising events of the Society. There are generally three educational seminars each year that feature nationally known genealogical speakers in one or two-day seminars. Additionally, the Vice President has the following primary responsibilities:

  • Participates as a member of both the Society’s Executive Committee and Budget Committee to fulfill each committee’s responsibilities, which include:
    • Appointing the Directors of the Society after they are ratified by the membership at the general meeting in September.
    • Preparing a Society budget prior to the annual meeting in September.
    • Assumes the duties of the President, in his/her absence, incapacity, resignation, or removal.

The President is responsible for the overall activities of the society. As such, s/he is responsible for insuring that all requirements spelled out in the Bylaws and Standing Rules are observed. In particular, s/he:

  • Leads each General Meeting
  • Chairs each Board Meeting
  • Presents, and adheres to, an annual budget
  • Acts as an ex-officio member of all committee’s (except the Nomination Committee)
  • Appoints the chairs for the Audit, Budget and Nominations committees and the annual Writing Contest
  • Creates an annual report documenting Society activates
  • Insures that Society records are maintained and archived properly

Directors have voting rights on the Board. They are appointed by the Executive Committee (DGS Officers and Immediate Past President) and ratified by the membership at the September General Meeting.

There are six Directors: Education, Membership, Printing & Distribution, Publicity & Public Relations, Volunteer Coordination, and Publication Content.

Directors are encouraged to appoint aides to assist in accomplishing their responsibilities. Working on a team is a great way to contribute to your Society! DGS is always interested in new volunteers!

  • Education – Selects programs for the general business meetings of the Society and coordinates the special interest groups.
  • Publicity & Public Relations – Promotes the Society and its activities through traditional and social marketing outlets.
  • Publication Content – Chairs the Publication Committee.
  • Volunteer Coordination – Develops a volunteer corps and manages its utilization.

Please feel free to contact the DGS President to discuss any position!


The President appoints the following non-voting advisors to the Board: Sales Manager, Parliamentarian, Library Liaison, Information Technology (IT) Administrator, Webmaster, Editor of The Dallas Journal, Editor of the DGS Newsletter, and Mail Administrator. Advisors participate in discussions at Board of Directors meetings.

Please consider becoming an Advisor!

  • Parliamentarian – Advises on matters of parliamentary procedure at the Society’s general business meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
  • IT Administrator – Administers the Society’s neon CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform, which is used for managing membership information and event registration.
  • Webmaster – Develops and maintains the Society’s web presence.
  • Newsletter Editor – Edits and publishes our eNews, the Society’s digital newsletter.
  • Mail Administrator – Collects, logs, and delivers all correspondence from the Society’s post office box.

Please feel free to contact the DGS President to discuss any position!