1. The DGS President shall request from each Special Interest Group leader a written report of officers, budget, annual plan of action, and fundraising activity and/or publication. A liaison shall be chosen by each group to interact with the DGS Board. Each Special Interest Group leader shall be a member in good standing of the Dallas Genealogical Society.

Leader Responsibilities:

  • Develop a yearly plan outlining anticipated actives and provide to the DGS president each September
  • Provide information about upcoming meetings (Date, Time, Location, Speaker/Topics) to the webmaster, DGS Newsletter Editor and the Director – Publicity/Public Relations in advance of each meeting for advance publication.
  • Schedule and conduct meetings for the benefit of attendees
  • Maintain an accurate list of members (names and email addresses) and keep a current copy in the Google Docs folder provided for this SIG
  • Provide a count of attendees at each meeting to the Dallas Public Library within 3 days of each meeting using the appropriate email address