(The Dallas Genealogical Society hereinafter referred to as “the Society”)


  1. The standing rules of the Society are governed by the Society bylaws, Article Proposed changes, additions, or deletions to the standing rules must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors for approval by a majority vote of the entire board. Such rules are for the guidance of the Society officers, directors, and members and cannot conflict with these bylaws.


  1. Queries in Society publications are free to members; non-members shall pay $3.00 per


  1. All life membership dues shall be separately invested in an interest bearing account, interest to be transferred at the discretion of the Membership dues will be removed from the account in January, based on the number of members living at that time.


  1. No Society member shall act in the name of the Society without the approval of the Board of


  1. Members of the Society shall not do research for other persons in the name of the


  1. The members of the Society shall not give or sell the Society membership list to any non- member or organization without the approval of the Board of


  1. The Society shall present an annual memorial honoring deceased members to the genealogy section of the Erik Jonsson Central Library.


  1. The Society shall pay for the addition of each outgoing president’s name to the Society’s plaque at the This shall be the duty of the incoming president.


  1. The secretary shall give a copy of the current Bylaws to each member of the Board of Directors at the first Board of Directors meeting of the new year, and to each new Board member elected during the


  1. Two (2) of three (3) authorized signatures shall be required on all Society One (1) signature shall be that of the president or the treasurer. The third authorized signature will be as designated by the Board of Directors.


  1. The Board of Directors shall set the prices for all Society materials held for sale, and approve registration fees for fundraising


  1. A committee of at least three (3) persons shall be appointed by the president each year to review the nonmember newsletter distribution list and the exchange distribution Additions or deletions shall be reported to the Board of Directors.


  1. Advertising in all Society publications must have prior approval of the executive Fees for approved advertising shall be established by the Board of Directors.
  1. Announcements at regular meetings not pertaining to the Society must have been submitted in writing to the presiding officer for approval by the Board of


  1. Profit-making persons or organizations are prohibited from soliciting, handing out fliers, or in any other way advertising their goods and services at Society meetings or on the premises, unless previously approved by the Board of


  1. The President shall appoint a committee of two Board members and two members-at-large no later than October 1st to select recipients of the Dallas Genealogical Society Annual Service The awards shall be DGS Volunteer of the Year, DGS Award of Merit, DGS Distinguished Service Award, and DGS Heritage Preservation Award. Selection of recipients shall be based on established criteria. The awards shall be presented at the Awards Banquet in December.


  1. The President shall appoint in September a DGS member to serve as the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Delegate; position to be a 12 month term, from September 1 to August


  1. DGS shall sponsor a Writing Awards Competition; the President will appoint a Writing Awards committee chairperson to organize this


  1. The DGS President shall request from each Special Interest Group leader a written report of officers, budget, annual plan of action, and fundraising activity and/or publication A liaison shall be chosen by each group to interact with the DGS Board. Each Special Interest Group leader shall be a member in good standing of the Dallas Genealogical Society.


  1. At the Awards Banquet the Society shall award a gift certificate for a DGS event (excluding Salt Lake City and the Institute) to a participating member to honor Renee Jackson


  1. As a gesture of appreciation for the DPL genealogy staff, for each DGS lecture, the manager of the DPL History and Social Sciences Division may be asked to recommend one staff member who may attend the lecture at no This person will officially register and will receive the same benefits as paid members (badge, syllabus, etc.) and will assist appropriately in staging the event.


  1. As a gesture of appreciation for the DPL genealogy staff, the Manager of the DPL History and Social Sciences Division (currently Heather Williams) shall be asked to recommend one staff member who may attend the annual Institute at no This person will officially register and will receive the same benefits as paid members.


  1. Board Perks/Waived


Caveat: Free access is not a guaranteed perk, but is dependent upon the Society’s financial situation and will be granted only as long as it can afford it.


Comment: The term “Board members” shall include those individuals who hold positions appointed by the President.

The Lecture Series

All Board members shall register but have the registration fee waived and are expected to work, unless they specifically state that they don’t want to work that event. If they still want to attend the event, they will pay the normal registration fee.

The Lockin:

Provided that the Lockin has at least 30 paid registrants, a set number (probably 23) of people may attend free because they will be working and will not be able to take full advantage of the research time. These people will be determined by the Vice President- Fundraising (Executive Vice President?).

The Institute 

The primary person(s) coordinating the event (not likely to be more than 2) may register at no charge. Provided that the Institute has at least 100 paid registrants, all Board members who wish to attend and who are willing to help during the event may register and pay an amount that is one quarter (1/4) the normal registration fee.


The Salt Lake City Research Trip:

 Two persons should be designated as the primary coordinators of the trip. These are not necessarily Board members. One person will take care of the technical and financial* paperwork, and the other will organize the “people” events. These two persons will register for the trip but the normal registration fee for a double occupancy room will be waived. While in Salt Lake City, both will be expected to provide research help to the trip participants.


* All significant financial commitments are authorized by the President.