AARP Genealogy Overview

DGS members Kathleen Murray and Lisa Ross provided a Genealogy Overview to a group of approximately 30 people on November 8.

Feedback was positive. Susan J. Williams (AARP Texas Associate State Director) said “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing the class with our members.  It was SO interesting and I got amazing feedback from the attendees.  Hopefully we can do one again next year.”

Texas State Genealogical Society Elects 2018-2019 Board

Delegates of the Texas State Genealogical Society elected their slate of officers for 2018 – 2019 during their annual meeting (a GoTo meeting session) held on October 21, 2017.

Randy Whited (President), Sue Kaufman (Director of Education) and Susan Ball (Director of Membership) were elected to a 1 year term of office.

Sandra Crowley (Director of Development), Patti Gillespie (Secretary) and Betsy Mills (Treasurer) were elected to a 2 year term of office.

Bylaw changes that include a requirement for overlapping, 2 year terms for board members were also approved, which is why the President, Director of Education and Director of Membership officers are only serving a 1 year term. Elections for these positions will be held again next year.

North Texas Giving Day Update

Thanks to our generous donors we have accumulated the funds required to digitize our society’s entire collection of early Quarterlies. Created between 1955 and 1994, these 161 publications contain more than 9000 pages!

Once digitized, the Quarterlies will join their successors on The Portal To Texas History:

Thus, our efforts to digitize, preserve, and archive this important part of our society’s history will be completed, and all of these publications will be freely accessible to the public.

Results from the 2017 North Texas Giving Day event are still preliminary, but as of now (mid September) the total of our fundraising effort stands at $4,475:

  • $430 – Cash donations made at our General Meetings and Fall Seminar
  • $370  – Advance donations made via the DGS website
  • $1000 – Rescuing Texas History Grant from the University of  North Texas Libraries
  • $2675 – Donations made through the North Texas Giving Day event

Overall this year’s event raised $39 million for 2,723 organizations. Since its inauguration in 2009 more than $195 million dollars has been raised for North Texas nonprofits.

2016 DGS Results

The DGS participated in the 2016 North Texas Giving Day event, resulting in a $5239.73  donation to The Cathy Nelson Hartman Portal to Texas History Endowment ($2739.73 from donations made during the 2016 North Texas Giving Day event and $2500 matching funds provided by the Dallas Genealogical Society).