Photographing Historic Pleasant Mound Cemetery

We need volunteers on Saturday morning, April 23, 2016 to help photograph the tombstones in historic Pleasant Mound Cemetery. The cemetery is located in South Dallas at 3151 South Buckner Boulevard,  75227.

Please sign up to participate!

This project is being conducted in cooperation with and Volunteers needed include:

  1. Fifteen (15) people with smart phones to photograph the gravestones using the BillingGraves App (available for iOS, Microsoft and Android phones).
  2. Five (5) additional people to assist photographers, for example by holding back vegetation or holding light reflectors.

Pleasant Mound Cemtery LayoutWe will meet at the cemetery at 7:30 AM on Saturday, April 23. MyHeritage will provide food and beverages. We expect to finish around noon.

If you will be photographing with your  smart phone, here are the things you need to do in advance:

  • Register for a free account at BillionGraves
  • Download the Billion Graves App and activate it
  • Make sure you have a good amount of storage available on your phone to store the pictures! (Hint: Backup your photos to another location and erase them from your phone.)
  • Charge your phone before you arrive at the cemetery!

You do not need to upload the gravestone pictures at the cemetery. To conserve data usage, you can upload your images later when you have WiFi access.

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