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With the roll-out of our new web site we plan to make greater use of our blog to provide information about activities and web site features. To help you we now provide the ability to subscribe to our blog. Just register your email address and you will receive all of the news and information we have to share right in your email inbox. Its easy to do – Just go to our Blog and click on the Subscribe button. You will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you have done that you will begin to get all of the useful and helpful information we post.

DGS Web Site Updated

Our webmasters (Todd DeDecker and Tony Hanson) have just completed a 6-month effort to re-design, update and improve our web presence.

We were compelled to do this because the version of software used to create our web site in 2010 was no longer being supported. Since we had to undergo a fairly major update anyway we decided to re-write it using WordPress, which has emerged as the most widely used web and blog software in use today.

A large part of our focus was making the information we had on the old site much easier to find and use. In addition, the new site is much more compatible with smart phones and tablets that are increasingly being used to view the materials we have available.

Another advantage of using WordPress is that is has a wide variety of add-on tools that can be used to increase the usefulness of our web site. We have several enhancements lined up that you can expect to see in the coming months.

If you encounter any bugs or problems while visiting the site  ( ) please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the page and tell us about them and we’ll get them corrected as soon as we can.

There will be a demo of the new site at the September 5 General Meeting.