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Ever want to give back to the genealogy community? Sure you have! Get started by volunteering for a position on the DGS Board! Don’t worry – there are several folks who can assist you as you gain experience and expertise. In fact, to ensure a smooth transition, both outgoing and incoming Board members meet as needed June – August. 

Officer Nominations Due March 31st!

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Officer Positions

The Nominations Committee will announce a slate of 4 officers at the April 1st DGS General Meeting: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

*** We are particularly seeking a candidate for Treasurer. ***

The Treasurer pays the Society’s bills and reconciles accounts monthly. The Treasurer also:

  • Makes brief reports to the general meeting regarding the state of the organization’s finances (account balances, income and expenses)
  • Chairs the Budget Committee

It is helpful for the candidate to have a working knowledge of (or be willing to learn):

  • A recent version of Quickbooks and Windows
  • EXCEL (or another spreadsheet application) and Gmail

Read more about the Treasurer’s responsibilities. You might be a great fit!

Jimmy Walters, Sales Manager & Susan Rainwater, Treasurer

Directors & Advisors

There are several additional open Board positions for you to consider!

Directors are appointed by the Executive Committee (DGS Officers and Immediate Past President) and ratified by the membership at the September General Meeting.We particularly need people for the following 4 positions!

  • Education (Click Responsibilities & Duties.)
    Selects programs for the general business meetings of the Society and coordinates the special interest groups.
  • Publicity & Public Relations (Click Responsibilities & Duties.)
    Promotes the Society and its activities through traditional and social marketing outlets.
  • Publication Content (Click Responsibilities & Duties.)
    Chairs the Publication Committee.
  • Volunteer Coordination (Click Responsibilities & Duties.)
    Develops a volunteer corps and manages its utilization.

Advisors participate in discussions at Board of Directors meetings. The President appoints the non-voting advisors to the Board. We particularly need people for the following 3 Advisor positions!

  • IT Administrator
  • Administers the Society’s neon CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform, which is used for managing membership information and event registration.
  • Web Master
    Develops and maintains the Society’s web presence.
  • Editor of the DGS Newsletter
    Edits and publishes our eNews, the Society’s digital newsletter.

Please feel free to contact the DGS President to discuss any position!

Online Nomination Form

Gloria Goodwin, Membership Director & Lisa Ross, Volunteer

A Personal Note

In 2015, I agreed to be nominated for the position of Vice President of the DGS Board. Actually, I told the Nominations Committee that I would serve only if they could find no one else to do so. Surprisingly, they could not!

My reluctance was three-fold. On the one hand, my sister was dying and I was not sure how much time or energy I would be able to bring to the position. On the other hand, I am by dint of personality shy and not much of a joiner. On the third hand, I had recently retired and was not anxious to re-engage in organizational and managerial activities.

Gnawing at me was a sense of it being my turn to show up and give back.

Despite my hesitations, I was elected Vice President in May 2015 began my tenure on the DGS Board. I worked with a great group of volunteers and continue to enjoy their friendship and comaraderie. The benefits:

  • I learned A LOT!
    • About the genealogical community
    • About the DGS
    • About event management
    • About Google tools and social apps

Please consider joining the DGS Board for the next year.

You might be a great fit!

Online Nomination Form


2016-2017 DGS Board Members

DGS Tech SIG Meets This Thursday, Sept 1

Technology SIG

The September meeting of the Dallas Genealogical Society’s Technology interest group will be held this Thursday, Sept 1, from 6 to 8pm on the 5th floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, 1515 Young Street, Dallas TX, 75201.

The presentation is “Paying it forward: public indexing projects.” All genealogists rely on indexes – at the back of a book, as a printed index for a record set or for an on-line database. These accessible indexes don’t come with the record group. And they don’t appear like magic. They must be created and maintained by organizations and individuals. Thousands of volunteers work on indexing projects every year as more and more records are made available on-line or in printed books. Are you one of those volunteers?

Join SIG leader Suzan Younger ( as the group identifies various indexing projects and takes an in-depth look at two or three projects that need your help. Did you know that our Dallas Genealogical Society is looking for volunteers to help index Dallas County probate records?

The meeting is free and open to the public.

If you can’t attend in person, please join us from home via GotoMeeting:

Photographing Historic Pleasant Mound Cemetery

We need volunteers on Saturday morning, April 23, 2016 to help photograph the tombstones in historic Pleasant Mound Cemetery. The cemetery is located in South Dallas at 3151 South Buckner Boulevard,  75227.

Please sign up to participate!

This project is being conducted in cooperation with and Volunteers needed include:

  1. Fifteen (15) people with smart phones to photograph the gravestones using the BillingGraves App (available for iOS, Microsoft and Android phones).
  2. Five (5) additional people to assist photographers, for example by holding back vegetation or holding light reflectors.

Pleasant Mound Cemtery LayoutWe will meet at the cemetery at 7:30 AM on Saturday, April 23. MyHeritage will provide food and beverages. We expect to finish around noon.

If you will be photographing with your  smart phone, here are the things you need to do in advance:

  • Register for a free account at BillionGraves
  • Download the Billion Graves App and activate it
  • Make sure you have a good amount of storage available on your phone to store the pictures! (Hint: Backup your photos to another location and erase them from your phone.)
  • Charge your phone before you arrive at the cemetery!

You do not need to upload the gravestone pictures at the cemetery. To conserve data usage, you can upload your images later when you have WiFi access.

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