The DIG meets from 6 – 8pm on the 5th floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in downtown Dallas.  Map

DNA-2-iconThe program Topic is  X Chromosome. The group will look at Fan Charts, Pedigree Charts and Ahnentafel Reports (some times called Ancestor Reports) to assist in finding which of your lines could have X matches.

In preparation, you can read SIG Leader Mic Barnette’s article on his website: “Finding X Chromosomes“. In Mic’s article there is a list of ahnantafel numbers depicting where on anyone’s pedigree chart the x-chromosome matches. Additionally, there are other links that you can read and follow for more information about X chromosomes.

You might want to print out a ahnentafel report and either fan chart or pedigree chart if your genealogy program can do that. Write the ahnentafel numbers on your fan or pedigree chart. Bring these to class.

Here is a link to a blank fan chart.

Mic Barnette, DNA SIG Leader,


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