databaseIf you are genealogist living in the Dallas area, you are fortunate: The Genealogy Section of the J. Erik Jonsson public library located in downtown Dallas has been recognized as one of the top 10 public libraries in the United States for genealogy research. Much of the collection has been financed by financial contributions made by the Dallas Genealogical Society.

DGS members have contributed (and are continuing to contribute) to the genealogical community in many other ways…

  • Transcription projects have resulted in the publication of TaxCourt and Marriage Records and early US Census Mortality Schedules
  • Microfilm and Microfiche projects have recorded images of historical documents: some of these are now being digitized (read about our Probate Records)
  • A multi-year project has focused on the creation and publication of an extensive record of burials performed in the greater Dallas area. These are now available in a publicly available database that contains more than 36,000 entries from 28 individual cemeteries (see our Cemetery section)

One of the projects that the society has undertaken recently is the digitization of our own publications. We have published a newsletter every year since we formed as a society in 1955, and we have also published Journals for most of that time period.  When possible, we are partnering with long term digital preservation repositories to insure that these images will be publicly available for the foreseeable future. Many of these have already been digitized and can be viewed in our Publications area.