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[a blank page] [NOTE: NO MINUTES FOR NOVEMBER TERM 1852 RECORDED; however, there is mention of the November term on page 355 of Minute Book A; McPherson & Parker vs Alexander Cockrell.] [unnumbered page] 21st day February 1853
Edward C. Browder, Clerk of the District Court; W. W. Peak, Deputy Clerk of the County Court; John Lanier, Acting Justice of the Peace, drew from box #1 the names of the following persons to serve as jurors for May term: H. E. Walker, A. Dowdy, J. B. Boydston, W. P. Holeman, Zebadee Heath, Jones Green, James F. Chineworth, William C. Hart, Hiram Bennett, Joel Roberts, J. L. Taylor, A. W. Perry, Noah Good, E. S. Rhodes, Thomas J. McDowell, Jefferson Danoway, W. B. Laughlin, Thomas A. Phillips, J. B. Lee, C. H. Bernard, M. R. Fondren, Jonas Buskirk, D. L. Hall, J. S. Beeman, John Conway, L. G. Coombs, Alexander Cockrell, Lambeth Heath, W. H. Keen, John R. Bell, W. W. Merrell, Jessie Atterbury, E. T. Myers, Milton Merrifield, James B. Pigg, G. B. Knight.