a.k.a. Evergreen Cemetery

LOCATION: The cemetery is located at the end of Osage Circle north of Shearith Isreal Memorial Park which is on Dolphin Road.  From Dolphin turn on to Mingo Street.  Turn right on Gault Street which curves into Osage Circle.  It is also possible to access the cemetery by driving through Sheraith Isreal Cemetery.

  • GPS:  32° 46′ 49.619856″, -96° 44′ 5.860968″

BeemanJohn (1799-1856) and Emily Honeycutt (1806-1892) Beeman brought their family to Texas during his days as a republic. About 1842 they gained a clear title to 640 acres of land, on which they established this family cemetery.  One of the first known burials, that of Holland coffee Brian, eleven-month-old son of their daughter Margaret and her husband, John Neely Bryant, took place in 1845. John and Emily are buried here, as are other family members and early neighbors. An important link in Dallas history, the Beeman Memorial Cemetery contains more than 100 graves.  (Texas Historical Cemetery marker, 1984)

In 1903 group of individuals developed a plan to improved and expand Beeman Cemetery into a cemetery called Evergreen.  This project was the subject of a court case heard by the 14th District Court to stop the development. (Dallas Morning News, January 24, 1903, page 12; April 24, 1903, page 12; and Dec. 6, 1903, page 9).  On

February 25, 1940 a Beeman Memorial Cemetery Association was created “for the purpose of the upkeep of the Historical buring (sic) place of some of the pioneers of Dallas and Dallas Co.” A map of proposed improvements which were not realized can be found in Beeman Memorial Cemetery Corporation. Copies of pertinent to Beeman Cemetery Dallas County, Texas published in 1998.  A copy of this book is available in the Dallas Public Library. In 1984 the Texas Historical Commission approved a historic cemetery marker for the cemetery.

Beeman Cemetery was partially transcribed and published by Willie Flowers Carlisle in Old Cemeteries of Dallas county, 1948. In 1996 Richard S. Jones, updated the Carlisle work in Survey of the Beeman family cemetery, Dallas, Texas.  Additionally the Beeman Memorial Cemetery Corporation published Copies of records pertinent to Beeman Cemetery, Dallas County, Texas around 1998.  All three of these are available in the Genealogy Section of the Dallas Public Library. A search of newspaper death notices has added names to the list.

The cemetery was designated as 1.2 acre special use area by the City of Dallas in 1968 and appears on Park and Recreation Department website. Many of the markers appear to be new.