LOCATION:  6700 Blk Airline Road at Milton Street, S/E Corner, University Park 75205  Near Southern Methodist University ( View on Google Maps )


GPS: 32.84837, -96.78273

This cemetery is fully fenced, locked, and maintained.  The cemetery is active and has historical subject marker (Daniel Family Cemetery) and a local Park Cities Historical Society Marker.  All individuals buried in this cemetery are related to the original landowners, Frances Sims Daniel and her children.

This cemetery was inventoried in January 2012 by Barbara Ware and R.L. Canady. The graves were transcribed from right to left beginning at the southeast corner of the cemetery and assigned a row (tier) and grave number in the order in which they were encountered. Individuals without tombstones were assigned a grave number based on proximity to a spouse or parents. Information was also obtained through death certificates, family articles, and newspapers. The society thanks Mrs. Theresa Daniel for her help with the project.

Texas Historical Commission Marker: “Frances Sims Daniel (1796-1853) moved to Dallas County with her family in 1849 and purchased land in what is now University Park.  An orchard planted near the Daniel home became the site of a family cemetery in 1850, when “Old Frank,” a family slave for over forty years, was buried there.  The gravestone of Isabella Harwood (1836-1851), daughter of Frances Sims Daniel, is believed to be one of the oldest in Dallas County. Interred here are Daniel family members, family slaves, and Daniel descendants, including veterans of four wars. (1988)”