Location: 4000 Pioneer Road

Directions: This cemetery is located on West Pioneer Road between Belt Line and Esters Roads in Irving, TX. It is just east of the City of Irving water tower.  The cemetery is cared for by the Haley Memorial Cemetery Association and is on private property.

  • MAPSCO: 31M & 31R
  • GPS:  324946N, 097003W
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This cemetery has been transcribed by a number of individuals and organizations over the years.  It appears in Old Cemeteries of Dallas county by Willie Flowers Carlisle (1948), Cemeteries in and around Irving Community by O. D. Bates and Cemetery Records of Irving, Texas (1974), Dallas County Texas Genealogical Data from Early Cemeteries, Vol. 3 (fiche) by The Dallas Genealogical Society (1992), Cemetery Records of Irving, Texas by The Irving Genealogical Society,1996. In 1998 and 1999 R. Steven Rainwater and Susan Chance-Rainwater obtained a transcription of the cemetery through 1990, which includes notes on how these individuals were related to each other from Peggy Elaine (Davis) Urban, a 5th generation descendant of William Haley and Lucinda Catherine Ewalt and daughter of one of the trustees of Haley Memorial Cemetery.  They checked for errors and created a supplementary recording, which was posted on USGENWEB.  Using all these sources this current transcription (2016) by the Dallas Genealogical Society adds information from Texas death certificates and other sources available on FamilySearch.org.

HaleyCemeteryMarkerThe Texas Historical Commission marker placed in April 1990 reads: “The Haley Cemetery had its beginning in 1875 when William Haley’s wife, Lucinda Catherine Ewalt Haley, died.  She was buried on a plot of ground just west of the family homestead.  This was the first death in the William Haley family since moving to Texas from Missouri in 1857.  Mr. Haley set aside this one-acre plot to be used as a burial place for family members.  In 1963, Elizabeth Good Stovall, a granddaughter of William Haley, gave an additional two acres of land to provide an outlet to Pioneer Drive.  To date, February 1990, only two persons other than family members have been buried here.  In the early 1900’s, William Haley gave a Mr. Davis permission to bury his wife in the cemetery because he was financially unable to purchase a plot in a public cemetery.  Later Mr. Davis was buried here beside his wife.”