Location: 10400 Rylie Road at 1200 Ellenwood, Dallas, TX (Rylie Community) – View on Google Maps

Established: 1889


Texas Historic Commission Marker: “In 1878, John Armstrong Rylie donated land at this site for use as a school by settlers of this part of southeast Dallas County. The property came into service as a cemetery with the burial of Redden Allumbaugh in 1889. Since that time, more than 400 persons, including a number of Rylie Prairie community’s earliest settlers and their descendants, have been interred here. The cemetery contains the burial of at least one Civil War veteran, Hartwell Bolin Cox. The Rylie Cemetery Association was founded in 1962 to maintain the graveyard.”


Mapsco: 69H

GPS: 32.6904749, -96.6423674


DGS volunteers surveyed this cemetery in Jun 1992.  There are many unmarked graves and some are only marked with small pieces of stone or concrete.  No records have been kept of those buried here.  Copied from Rylie Road to back of cemetery, by rows, however some rows were not exactly straight and location may vary slightly. Grave numbers were added to the computer database in the order that the cemetery was inventoried to assist individuals to find potential family groups.


Location of unknown (UNK) burials are transcribed from Old Cemeteries of Dallas County, by Willie Flowers Carlisle, 1948, and from inventory made in August 1977 by Blanch Impey and Jeanne J. Tabb, published in Bits and Pieces, Vol. II, by Jeanne J. Tabb, 1978, referred to as Carlisle or Tabb in the database. No markers were in evidence in June 1992.