a.k.a. Urbandale Cemetery

LOCATION: 6600 Block of Military Parkway. The cemetery is located between Academy Drive and Donna Street on a parkway behind the Urbandale Baptist Church.

  • MAPSCO: 47R – 47N
  • GPS: N 32 46.350 W 96 42.367

WW_GloverEarly Dallas County settler George W. Glover acquired this land in 1844. The property was first used as a cemetery for the interment of five-year-old Sarah Beeman who died on Mar. 22, 1857. In 1872 Glover deeded the property to his son William Wald Glover (1846 – 1928) for whom the cemetery was named. Among those buried here are the younger Glover and early Dallas settler and civic leader Richard Lagow. This community burial ground, which contains over 70 grave sites of pioneer settlers and their families, was last used in 1951. (Texas Historical Cemetery Marker, 1983)

DGS published a transcription of this cemetery its Quarterly in June 1970 (on page 19).  Other transcriptions are found in The Mesquite Tree, Vol. 2 (1966) and Vol. 9 (1973), the annual publication of the Mesquite Historical and Genealogical Society.  Additional burials were found in death certificates and newspapers. Some death certificates list the cemetery as Urbandale, a town that was incorporated into Dallas in 1981.