Top10_iconThe Dallas Public Library has been recognized by Family Tree Magazine as one of the Top 10 Public Libraries in the United States for genealogy research. “Many public libraries now have dedicated genealogy or local history collections, making them an essential destination for every roots researcher. There you’ll find not only books, but also rare manuscripts, genealogical journals, census records, and CD-ROMs, all full of valuable information you won’t find on the Internet.”

The Genealogy Section at the downtown branch of the Dallas Public Library is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections to be found in the southern half of the United States. The holdings include a vast array of books (80,000), microfilm (42,000 rolls), microfiche (77,000) and maps and charts (700). Material is national in scope and contains material from all 50 states. It also contains material from other countries, notably Canada, the British Isles and Germany. They also provide access to a number of databases of interest to Genealogists.