The Dallas Genealogical Society sponsors several Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) to provide members with an opportunity to meet and work with other genealogists on specialized topics.

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  • African American Group – Discusses and explores areas of research unique to the African American community. The group discusses on using a variety of sources, including census research, reconstruction and Freedman Bureau records, NARA combined military records of the U.S. Colored Troops, Plantation Slave records, Slave schedules and other records that provide information for this special area of genealogy research. Expert researchers and speakers make presentations on Slavery, customs, tradition, state laws, and the techniques and methods used in their research.
  • Brown Bag Group – A group of advanced researchers trying to increase their skills in all areas, especially in the area of the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS). This group also, on occasion, discusses certification/accreditation issues, but this is not the main focus of this group. Newcomers are welcome.
  • DNA Interest Group – The purpose of the DNA Interest Group is to explore the use of DNA as a genealogical tool. The goal will be to help members understand and incorporate current DNA testing strategies and standards into their personal genealogy.
  • Jewish Group – For anyone with actual (or suspected) Jewish ancestral lines. Learn the terminology of the Jewish faith and race, and the differing methods for researching these families. Emphasis is put on the cultural differences (from other races and creeds) which often lead to differing genealogical research methods and records. Domestic (United States) and international aspects are both explored. All interested parties are welcome.
  • MacGen Reunion Group – Come join us and bring your questions, dilemmas, and suggestions to our gatherings as we discuss all things Mac, getting the most out of your genealogical research! The meetings are free and open to the public and are held in a round-table, open discussion format with a facilitator.
  • Technology Group – Investigates technologies relevant to the pursuit of Genealogy. The goal of the group is to help members understand and incorporate current technology into their personal genealogy tool kit and to improve their ability to perform research and to share and/or publish the results of what they discover.