Mic Barnette is the DNA liaison for DGS. He works in the Genealogy Department at the Downtown Dallas Public Library on the 8th Floor. In addition to being the DGS DNA liaison/administrator he is the administrator for both the Barnett and Finch Surname DNA Projects.

If you have tested with Family Tree DNA, received your results and are still lost and would like some help interpreting your results check with Mic: he might be able to give you some insight (no promises!). Bring your FTDNA personal page password to the library on a day when he is working and he will try to help.

Mic is familiar with Family Tree DNA’s Y-Chromosome test and their helpful tools on their personal page but not their Mita-Chondrial test and not with any of the other testing companies. Also, please allow plenty of time to get online on your FTDNA personal page as he will also be helping other library patrons while helping you.

These sites are good sources of information about DNA:

There are many resources available at this site, including sections on Frequently Asked Questions and a Beginners Guide. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) provides a great variety of DNA tests, plus surname and geographic study groups and extensive DNA databases which can facilitate your genealogical research. DGS members have access to reduced testing rates for most FTDNA DNA tests.

If you have decided to participate in a DNA test please consider making your initial kit purchase by going through the DGS website link at Family Tree DNA by clicking here.  When you do so, DGS gets a small referral donation from FTDNA when someone joins or purchases an addition to their initial test.

Lots of links on this website to information on DNA and DNA testing including links to overviews and details of Y-chromsome DNA (yDNA), Miitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Autosomal DNA (atDNA).

Other sources of additional information: