If you are interested in hiring a professional genealogist to assist you with your family history project, the following resources may help you to locate one:

  • The Association of Professional Genealogists – In the left-hand pane on their home page is a box titled “Find a Researcher”. You can search for a professional by name, location as well as their research or geography specialty.
  • Board for Certification of Genealogists – Click on “Find a Genealogist” in the upper left section of their home page. You can search by a researcher’s name, geographic areas or research specialties.
  • Genlighten – Their research providers can conduct targeted/customized research, retrieve genealogy documents, and find/digitize records.
  • Genealogy Freelancers – Post your family history project, compare your offers and hire the best specialist for the job.

NOTE: The inclusion of these resources does not imply endorsement of these services or products by the Dallas Genealogical Society.