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Title: The Dallas Journal: Volume XLII
Created: December 1996
Editor: Selenda Billington
Contributor(s): Hallie Price Gamer, Margret Hancock Pearce, Donna Ward Smiley
  • Pieces and Patterns: A Life Quilt
  • Family Bibles
  • The Gano Cabin History and A Story From Slave Narratives
  • From Peter’s Colony to Lakewood Country Club
  • 1900 Census Abstract of Buckner Orphan’s Home
  • 1911 Register Abstract of Ed C. Smith Funeral Home
Publisher: Dallas Genealogical Society
Format: Paper; Number of Pages: 140; Height (Inches): 11.0; Width (Inches): 8.5; Binding Type: Glued;
Language: English
Resource Type: Text
Rights Holder: Copyright – Dallas Genealogical Society
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