Barbara A. Ware

Eagle Ford Cemetery is a lost cemetery. Alexander Troup, in his work on Mexican-Americans of West Dallas, proposes that the cemetery was in the Hiram Burnham survey1. Hiram Burnham received a 3rd class headright from the Republic of Texas in 1841 for 320 acres in Dallas County.2, 3 He assigned this to E. S. C. Robertson. E. S. C. Robertson sold the land to Julius Lynch in 1860.4 James Horton purchased the 320 acres from Lynch in 1860.5 The Burham survey is south of present day Singleton Blvd and east of Chalk Hill Road. It is east and adjacent to the Eagle Ford community. Horton granted Texas and Pacific Railroad line granted right-of-away through the survey in 1903.6

The community of Eagle Ford was settled in 1844 and was incorporated into the city of Dallas in 1956. The story of the Eagle Ford community is described in the Handbook of Texas Online and in Dallas Yesterday by Sam Acheson.7, 8 (See map of Eagle Ford in 1946 that follows this article.) Burial may have occurred early, but Dallas County death certificates and death registers only report burials in the Eagle Fork and Eagle Ford Cemetery as early as 1904. Some of the early death certificates did not have a blank for ―place of residence. The records presented here were abstracted from Texas register of death and Texas death certificates.9 Obituaries were retrieved via The Historical Dallas Morning News.10


Name Race Birth Dateand Place Place ofResidence Death Dateand Place Burial Dateand Location
Heiscovitz, Fannie Amer Shreveport,Louisiana 11 Aug 1904
Eagle Ford, Texas
Nash, Chas. Amer 4 Sep 1905
Eagle Ford
Preston, B. F. C Age 72 29 Dec 1905
Eagle Ford, Texas
Stacey, Jas. P. Amer 1879
North Carolina
Eagle Ford, Texas 23 Sep 1906
Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas
Horton, James W Age 22 yrs Eagle Ford, Texas 1 Feb 1908 2 Feb 1908
Horton Cemetery


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