The DGS began publishing a newsletter in 1955 shortly after the society was established. Publication was erratic at first, but by 1961 a regular quarterly publication routine had been established, and newsletters publish during this period were referred to as the ‘Quarterly’. However, the publication did not bear this name until 1964. For that reason the earlier (pre-1964) publications are listed here on the Newsletter page.

The Quarterly was published from 1964 through 1994: copies can be seen on our Quarterlies page.

The publication of the modern newsletter began in 1976: The numbering for these was reset to Issue 1.

PDF version of both publications are provided below. The files for most of the pre-1964 newsletters were created from images created by Pat and Jim Stone several years ago from microfilm. As a result, these images are not optimal. It is hoped that better images can be obtained from copies archived by the Genealogy section of the Dallas Public Library in the near future.

The newer (1976+) newsletters have been scanned, and the PDF files have had OCR performed which allows viewers to perform keyword searches.

Missing Issues

We are only missing ONE (1!) issue from this period of time… please check your archives: If you have copies of this missing issue please consider making it available to be scanned.

1976: Issue 1

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