Title: DGS Newsletter: Volume 25, Number 9
Created: November 2001
Editor: Beth Applebaum
Contributor(s): Shari L Degan, Barbara Dossett, Dick Eastman, Shirley Stertz Hawn, Barbara Ware

Dallas Genealogical Society Census Update
United We Stand
Presidents Column & DGS News
Curt Witcher Lecture
Texas Sanborn Maps
DGS Gift Report
Genealogy Courses at Richland College
Website helps find dates
Tis he who has endured
New acquisitions
Have you researched all of your family members?
Ulster Historical Foundation conference
Virtual Cemeteries
GENTECH 2002 Boston

Publisher: Dallas Genealogical Society
Format: Paper; Number of Pages: 20; Height (Inches): 11; Width (Inches): 8.5; Binding Type: Stapled;
Language: English
Resource Type: Text
Rights Holder: Copyright – Dallas Genealogical Society
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