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Title: Pegasus – Journal of the Dallas Genealogical Society
Created: December 2015
Editor: Julie Cahill Tarr
Contributor(s): Sandra Crowley, Janet Khashab, Ed Millis, Shirley Sloat, Marianne Szabo, Julie Cahill Tarr, Elizabeth Thurmond
Articles: 60th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

Part I: The Early Years

  • Dallas Genealogical Society Celebrates 60 Years of Service (or 85 Years if Its Ancestor is Included)
  • Margaret Barret Pratt’s Memories of the Founding of the Local History and Genealogical Society of Dallas
  • I Remember John Plath Green: My Sunday School Teacher, My Employer, My Friend
  • Biographies and Tributes to Founder John Plath Green (1910–1984)

Part II: Images & Articles 1954–2015

  • Precursor to the Local History & Genealogical Society Newsletter (1954)
  • Articles of Incorporation (Initial Filing 1955, Amendment 1963, Name Change 1977)
  • First Issue of Local History & Genealogical Society Newsletter (1955)
  • “History of the Dallas Local History and Genealogical Society” (1963)
  • “Early History of the Local History and Genealogical Society, Dallas, Texas” (1969)
  • DGS Receives Texas Heritage Award for Research (1978)
  • DGS Named Participating Agency for Design of the City Goal 11 (1979)
  • DGS 25th Anniversary (1979)
  • Charter Members Who Are Members Now (25th Anniversary)
  • Dallas Public Library Named Among Top 13 Major Genealogical Libraries in Shaking Your Family Tree: A Basic Guide to Tracing Your Family’s Genealogy (1986)
  • “DGS at State Fair!” (1986)
  • “A Conversation with Lloyd Bockstruck” (1992)
  • “DGS Receives DCHC Appreciation Award” (1992)
  • “TSGS Writing Awards Won by DGS Members” (1993)
  • Capital Expansion Project (1993)
  • “NGS Achievement Award Presented to DGS!” (1993)
  • “President’s Report 1994–1995” (1995)
  • Capital Expansion Project Gala (1996)
  • “DGS Receives Proclamation From the City of Dallas” (1996)
  • “Special Recognition for DGS” (1999)
  • “DGS Journal a Winner!” (2001)
  • “Eighth Floor Renovation” (2002)
  • Dallas Public Library Among Top 10 Genealogy Libraries Named by Family Tree Magazine (2002)
  • “Dallas Genealogical Society Turns Fifty” (2005)
  • 50th Anniversary 100,000 Book Challenge (2005)
  • 50th Anniversary 100,000 Book Challenge Goal Reached (2006)
  • Raksha Parikh Honored (2006)
  • Special Moments from the DGS 50th Anniversary Book Challenge
  • Dallas City and County Councils Concerning Dallas Public Library and Their Relations with the Dallas Genealogical Society 1986–2011
  • DGS Website Wins TSGS First Place Award for Partner Society Website Design (2011)
  • “DGS Joins the 1940 U.S. Census Community Indexing Project” (2012)
  • “Remembering 55 Years in the Dallas Genealogical Soceity” (2012)
  • “Sam V. Atkins Receives President’s Special Award, Honorary Life Membership” (2013)
  • “TGSG Award: Website for a Partner Society—Tony Hanson” (2013)
  • “TSGS 2014 Awards: Category VI Official Periodicals of Partner Societies” (2014)
  • DGS Earns Awards from TSGS (2015)

Part III: Awards

  • DGS Service Awards
  • Service Awards 1994–2014
  • LH&GS and DGS Book and Writing Awards 1965–2015
  • Book and Writing Awards Rules: 1965, 1995 & 2015
  • Book and Writing Award Winners
Publisher: Dallas Genealogical Society
Format: Paper; Number of Pages: 118; Height (Inches): 10; Width (Inches): 7; Binding Type: Glued;
Language: English
Resource Type: Available for purchase in a Paper Copy or a PDF Version
Rights Holder: Copyright – Dallas Genealogical Society

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