Title: Guide to The Dallas Quarterly: Volumes I – XXXIX, 1955 – 1993
Description: The first GUIDE TO THE QUARTERLY 1955-1982, published in 1982 was designed as a finding aid for articles of interest in the quarterly. Eight years later The GUIDE TO THE DALLAS OUARTERL Y, VOLUMES I -XXXVI, 1955-1990 was published in the December 1990 issue of The Dallas Quarterly. This latest edition, GUIDE TO THE DALLAS QUARTERLY Volumes 1-XXXIX 1955-1993, covers the first thirty nine volumes and will be published on microfiche.The first serial publication of the Local History and Genealogical society was published February 21, 1955. It came out rather sporadically at first but by March of 1958 it was called a quarterly and was published four times a year. Although there have been several name changes through the years the frequency of publication (4 times a year) and the form have remained essentially the same.

The family tree logo that we still use was designed by Carol Kupfer and was first used on the cover of Volume XXI, # 3 (1975). In 1977, the Local History and Genealogical Society name was changed to the Dallas Genealogical Society and the publication was known as THE QUARTERLY. In 1984, the format of THE QUARTERLY changed and it was published in a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 size. In 1984, the publication became known as THE DALLAS QUARTERLY and it is still published in this form.

As Margaret Ann Hudson, Dallas Genealogical Society president 1983- 1984, said in the introduction to the original guide:This Guide has been prepared for use in conjunction with either the printed copies of the Dallas Genealogical Society’s Quarterlies or with the Quarterlies on microfilm.

A committee of members of the Dallas Genealogical carefully reviewed all the articles and placed each in a category. this cross-referencing was done to help you, the reader, locate just the information you’ve been searching for! We recommend that you check all categories.

This edition of the Guide follows the format of the previous editions with very little change. The volume and issue number are given for each article; it should be noted that the exact title of the article may be paraphrased in an attempt to clarify the precise scope of the item.

Date Created: 1993
Creator: Adrienne B. Jamieson
Publisher: Dallas Genealogical Society
Coverage: United States – Texas – Dallas County;
Subject: Genealogy
Key Words: Texas — Genealogy;
Language: English
Resource Type: Text
Format: Paper; Number of Pages: 37; Height (Inches): 8.5; Width (Inches): 11.0; Binding Type: Stapled;
Date Created: 1990
Relation: Paper Copy of Guide to The Dallas Quarterly: Volumes I – XXXIX, 1955 – 1993; Created: 1993;
Rights Holder: Copyright – Dallas Genealogical Society
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