DGS_Journal_1967_March_Vol_13_Num_1_ThumbThe DGS began publishing a newsletter in 1955. The schedule was erratic in the early years, but around 1961 a regular quarterly schedule was established. For this reason, the publication was informally referred to as ‘The Quarterly’, but the publication was not officially given this name until 1964. Publications of the Quarterly ended in 1994 when the annual Dallas Journal was established.

That Dallas Journal evolved into Pegasus: Journal of the Dallas Genealogical Society  in 2013.

The newsletters published between 1955 and 1963 are available on the Newsletters page.

Several of the images provided below were created from PDF images created from microfilm by Pat and Jim Stone several years ago. As a result, the image quality of some files is very poor. The Genealogy section of the Dallas Public Library has bound copies of these publications. As time permits, we will replace the low quality files with images made from the DPL archives.

Do You Have Original Copies Of The Quarterly (especially older issues)? If so, please consider donating them to the Dallas Genealogical Society so we can make high quality digital images and make them available on this site.