Michael_LacopoDr. Michael Lacopo is the featured speaker at our 2015 Fall Seminar to be held on Saturday, October 24, at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in downtown Dallas.

He was born and raised in northern Indiana surrounded by extended family always willing to tell tall tales. Intrigued by his maternal family’s claim to be kinfolk of Abraham Lincoln, and his paternal family’s stories of murder and mayhem, he took to genealogical research in 1980 to substantiate these family stories. His first major challenge in the world of research was tackled by finding his adopted mother’s birth parents in 1982. You can read about this adventure at his blog at Roots4U.blogspot.com with some engaging story – telling, plot twists, and new findings!

Michael has retired from his veterinary medical career to pursue genealogical research full-time as a profession. He has contributed to numerous periodicals and has helped numerous people in their quests to locate their relatives – living and dead. His national lecturing began in Sacramento, CA, at the National Genealogical Society’s national conference in 2004, and has continued with several local, state, national, and international conference speaking engagements to this present day.

Having ancestors from many geographic locales as well as immigrants spanning the 17th century to the 20th century, Michael has a wide variety of proficiencies. He believes that as genealogists we should tell the tales or our ancestors and is a vocal proponent for learning the social history that interweaves our ancestors into the fabric of the past.

I’ve heard Mike speak twice – at the Texas State Genealogical Society in 2014 and at RootsTech in 2015. I greatly appreciated his expertise and found his delivery very engaging.” — a Dallas Genealogical Society member.

Details about his all-day program: Thinking, Assessing, & Storytelling: Genealogy Beyond Birth, Marriage & Death.

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